I found a book by Kate Danley on my iPad Kindle. Apparently I read a short story collection she wrote in and enjoyed it enough to purchase the book. However, I also apparently hadn’t had time to read it. Or I forgot to read it. Or something.

However, today I found it. I read it. I liked it–a lot. And I read the next two books in the series today as well. I like the fact that I can download books and read them instantaneously. I don’t even have to go to the bookstore.

I still like going to the bookstore, however. I still like holding real books and reading them. But I do enjoy the benefits of the Kindle, too.

This past week (during Thanksgiving break) I also rediscovered Jennifer Estep. Apparently I recently started reading her books but then ran out of time and thought I had read them all. Nope. I was only on number 5.5. (She has novellas.) In the last three days I have read the rest of the series through book 9. Book number 10 is coming out Christmas Eve. I should go order it.

I wonder WHEN I started reading Jennifer Estep. And when I purchased the Kate Danley book.

I looked on Amazon. I purchased the Kate Danley book on October 7th of this year. Interesting. I purchased the first Jennifer Estep book on October 23rd. I purchased 5.5 on October 26th. Took me three days to get through those.

Then we had Halloween–though really we were working on it that whole week. But I guess I got sidetracked by Halloween and didn’t remember there were other books. I’m glad I got bored over Thanksgiving and started re-reading books. … I actually got bored before that because I started re-reading the whole Safehold series. Most of those I own in hardback. I wonder how much they are in Kindle.

Maybe I should consider reading the Mythos Academy or Bigtime books by Estep next.