Jury Duty

R and I were talking in the car and I said no one ever picks me for jury duty and I think it is because of the PhD.

Then a week later I get a jury summons.

It’s for next Monday (not the coming Monday, but the 16th).

I have to tell them my race (state law), my employer, how long I’ve been employed, my highest education, my “home” phone number (cell only), and the age ranges of my children. That was a little odd, because the boys are 14 months apart. So I wrote 21-22 years of age.

I also had to give my husband’s name, occupation, employer, number of years employed, phone number. I think that is a bit odd.

I am supposed to call in between 5 pm on the 13th and 8 am on the 16th to see if my number or panel has been dismissed already.