We’re at Dad’s and it doesn’t seem exactly like a holiday. I know it is because I am stressing about being in my sister’s house and taking care of it– and taking care of Dad. It feels more like work though.

Today I have:
fed dogs
brought in trash (Didn’t have to take it out because R did! I got to sleep in 2 more hours.)
done 3 loads of laundry
unloaded 2 dishwashers and put away dishes
loaded a dishwasher
taken Dad for a hair cut
gone to the grocery store
checked and sorted the mail (Dad’s, S’s–junk or real) and it’s 10:30 am.

I need to walk the dogs and I need to send my diversity abstract to LonCon, but I haven’t really written the one about London and I don’t know if the other will fly. Maybe I will send both? Did they say you can only send one?

My alarm is going off for LonCon abstract, so I need to get that done.