Then and Now

When I was in Switzerland, I fell and sprained my ankle. I went to the hospital and got a cast.

I was just a kid then. Now I’m a grownup.

I’m in England. I didn’t fall, just kind of slid off my shoe on uneven pavement. Heard cracks. Probably just the arthritis. Walked home. Iced it. Self-wrapped it in a scarf–since I didn’t have any ace bandages. Walked to the bus stop and got on the bus to head out for my planned excursion to the British Museum.

It sounds more exciting than it was. I got off the bus halfway there and came back to the flat because there was no a/c at the Regus and we only have one key.

Ron bought a bandage and re-wrapped my foot.

Instead of going out to dinner and the 3D Printing Lab, he escorted me back inside the flat. I had brie and crackers. He went to the 3D Printing Lab where he walked 1/2 mile to St. Paul’s to take pictures. (That would have been awful for me.) He got dinner afterwards at Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

I don’t know what he listened to but I listened to the blonde and ginger from next door’s beach music and drunk people say the f word pretty much every other minute. And a discussion about how much something would be worth if it were real gold.

… Tomorrow it will be 84 degrees. I am staying inside with the two fans Ron bought today. I may or may not do any work.