House Hunting 2

It turns out I was wrong on how much house we could afford.

We lost my favorite and Ron’s favorite (which I also liked) to other buyers.

I have been looking back through all the listings and considering whether a smaller house, a house in a less nice neighborhood, or a house with an issue would work.

Thankfully (or not) one of the houses I was considering that is smaller went off the market on pending within a day of being listed. Also thankfully (or not) the house on Poplar went pending today.

Of the other houses on the market, the death house, the mid-century modern house, and the Home Owners Association house are my favorites. All are in our price range. Ron has seen two of them and liked them well enough, but not enough to make an offer.

The other he just says no to. –It does have a smaller (and fairly dark) kitchen, but taking off the wallpaper and painting would fix most of that. There is wallpaper other places, but again that is just cosmetics. I couldn’t keep the truck, which might be a blessing or might not, because there is no where to park it. There would scarcely be room for the dog outside, but I walk her three to four miles a day… It has a lovely side yard with nice landscaping. I think he would like it if he saw it.

But that’s the deal. How many houses are we going to look at?

If we put the house money in the credit union (where it is harder to spend it without noticing) and wait till next August, we will have quite a bit more buying power. But I do keep looking at the houses and Ron thinks I won’t stop–which seems likely because it is something to do with my time and I need that with something that doesn’t use all my brain power up.

Should I just go back to our list and say, “This is what we want. If it doesn’t have everything, there is no point to seeing it.” ??? If I do, then I will quit bugging Paula quite so much.

Of course there is also the problem of the nice and less expensive places getting offers within a week or two at most. But I suppose that is what we will need to deal with.

So now (or soon) and a little bit more than our house or later (16-18 months) and an extra $100k (from the sale of our house in H-town, which we financed).

I guess really I should do the waiting thing. I should do the waiting thing. The waiting thing is the right thing to do.

Didn’t I just pray about this? If I prayed about it, why am I obsessing about it? Because it is easier to obsess than to let go. Plus, if I let go, what will I do with my brain when I need brain fluff to think about?