Blessings July 6-12

Ron has been recommending I start a blessings list again.

I decided I should, but then I haven’t done it.

So this is the last week in blessings–though obviously not every one that I have experienced.

Friday, July 6
had lunch at the Abilene Women’s Club, got to sit with Melanie, Neil, and Pat, wore my new hat (was the only one in a hat this time)
the dr said I don’t need a colonoscopy
Lij bought a house!

Saturday, July 7
Ex-Raid, caught a MewTwo
have lots of rare candy to make it stronger
met some players and they told me about their messaging (can’t download the messages, though)

Sunday, July 8
went to Beltway, had communion
Pokemon Community Day today–caught tons of Squirtels, evolved a Shiny with Sunglasses, evolved my saved Squirtle
chatted and walked for 1.5 hours with two folks I met at the raid

Monday, July 9
It rained!
I walked 12,000 steps
did strength training with Penny

Tuesday, July 10
watered the lawn
walked the dog
Haunted Abilene–got to see Melanie
saw Jo and gave her feedback on her make-up
Ron made from-scratch chocolate chip cookies, which tasted like muffin tops

Wednesday, July 11
gave good speech at 5440
had visitor at 5440
tried new restaurant–BenaV’s–good burger (and Ron said fries were good, too)
walked dog 2x
worked on speech topics for Abilene Speaker’s Bureau

Thursday, July 12
slept in
walked got 2x
tried new restaurant–El Pulagarcito–had fried plantains!
wanted lawn
found out we have a new member at AAS!! (agreed to be mentor)
… and the day is not over yet!