Weight tracking 5

I am permanently getting rid of an additional thirty-five pounds of unwanted body fat.

March 10
172.4 (I started at 78 pounds of fat.)
43-34-43 My waist is bigger than my ribs.
th 23.5 calf 15 upper arm 13.5 wrist 6.75 neck 14

June 7
th 22.5 calf 14.5 upper arm 13 wrist 6.5

18 pounds (from the highest). 8.5 inches.

I will say eating on this diet has been easier than on any other. Maybe I just need to add in exercises.

June 19
157.8 36% an 41% (64.698 pounds of fat)

Then I went on vacation for a week and two days.

June 30
160 33% ad 39% (62.4 pounds of fat- but I think something was hinky.)
arm 13 thigh 22.1 calf 14.5

July 1
158 36% and 41% (Back up to 64.78 pounds of fat.)

Then I went on vacation for four days.

July 7
159 35% and 40% (63.6 pounds of fat)
arm 13 thigh 22.1 calf 14.5

Today I started a change. You have to keep changing in order to make a difference in your body.

For the next three months I will:
weigh, measure, and record my food
lift weights 5 days a week (includes abs)
do Ab Boot Camp 3 times a week
walk or ride my bike 30 minutes five times a week

I will NOT:
increase my aerobic exercise until my progress has stalled for one week

I am permanently getting rid of an additional 35 pounds of unwanted body fat.

I also need to build up muscle. What I would like is an additional 20-25 pounds of muscle. However I haven’t found anything that says that is doable.

The lowest numbers

The lowest numbers I have in my husband’s book are from 9/2 (04 or 05). (This was after Quick Weight Loss and some BFL.) It immediately started going up from there. So this is the best I have weighed in years:

arm 12.5 thigh 22.5 calf 14.75 forearm 12.5 neck 13.25

Right now the weight difference is +5.
The measurements are +1 +.5 +1.5.
So I have five more pounds and three more inches that I need to permanently dispose of than I did then.

It’s not terrible. I wish it were better, but….

I am going to do what I said for three months. Then I will have to have another change.