Hijacked by the religious right?

Salon carried a story that says that Bush has contraceptive policies that have been hijacked by the religious right.

Being of the religious right myself, I went to read what I could get to of the article. (Can't get to all of it because I don't subscribe to Salon.)

Basically it said that at a UN convention in Asia the US guy said, “no abortion.” Okay, that's religious right. Then the article said the guy equated “consistent condom use” with “underage sex.” No, no. I know that's what the writer thought, but actually “consistent condom use” is equated with “sex outside of marriage.” Which is also not good.

The writer also mentioned that the US guy was having trouble with “promoting contraception use to adolescents.” Okay. That too is religious right. I don't want my kids having sex, with or without contraceptions.

However, the author of the article failed to note that Bush doesn't have to be “hijacked by the religious right.” He's part of the religious right. And as the president, that means his policies are our (the US's) policies.

So, no, the policies haven't been hijacked. They've been changed.

A man who doesn't “not have sex” with every woman anywhere near him is promoting abstinence. That's not a surprise. What would have been a surprise was if Clinton had been advocating anything like this.