Terror in the Airports

But it's not the terrorists who are the problem. It's the police. The handlers. The supervisors who lie for their officers. The officials who cover up the truth because admitting that their officers manhandled a woman and then humiliated her in public would get them in trouble.

It's always scary to me what the people in charge can do. Because I'm not one of the people in charge. And they can do it to me.

If you're from Portland, maybe you could email this to someone who works at the Portland airport. Maybe you know someone who knows someone.

Maybe if this kind of thing got the same reaction as the bloggings got Lott, we could get this kind of thing stopped.

Even if you don't know anyone in Portland, send it on to someone else anyway. Maybe somehow we will get this noticed as a crime. If not in Portland, then in the city you and I will be flying into next.

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  1. Suzi, thanks for the stopover. Always on the mobile, eh? It's the latest way to escape from ourselves. Why do we need to? We really don't want to gaze at our reflection. I mean, what's it all about? Don't ask me. Call a friend and make some noise.
    Salut, Ed

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