Metabolic boost questioned.

Pumping iron doesn't boost metabolism says a study reported on Reuter's today. “There is no magical boost in your metabolism,” said the author of the study.

But I found two flaws with the study. And the reporter found two others.

My first flaw was that the study used 10 men. I like men. I love men. But men aren't women. I am a woman. Our genetics are different. (Look in a biology textbook for help if you didn't know this.) I'd want to know if the metabolism boost is in women.

My second flaw was that he didn't say anything about these men. Were they random men? Were they all 18 year olds? How fit were they?

The article points out that the exercises in this weren't to the point of being unable to lift again. The other studies, according to the article, which found metabolism boost were to fatigue. (One of the good things about BFL is that your weights are to fatigue. You're supposed to get a 10, I can't do another one of these by myself, in your workouts.)

Also, there is a lag time in the change. You would have to know what these people were expending pre-exercise and post exercise. Which would mean keeping them in a sealed room for at least 48 hours. Don't know about you, but they couldn't pay me enough for that.