Although my husband is working and so are the garbage guys (Hurray for them being there!), most people who live around here must have a holiday. I went for my morning bike ride and saw about fifteen people, which is a bit up from normal. But this afternoon I was getting tired, so I went for another bike ride and I saw six or seven whole families, at least, twenty gray haired folks, a bunch of men about my age, and about fifteen teens out. It was amazing how many people were passing me or I was passing. Coming home I saw another dad getting ready to teach his little ones how to ride their bikes.

Have fun tonight and be safe.

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  1. Yeah, not getting enough protein was very hard when I was a vegetarian. Having given that up, though, it's not anywhere near as hard.

    I get a minimum of 110 g. protein a day. so I don't think that's the problem.

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    Suzi []

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