Pluses and minuses: blog-city

A plus for the list of newly updated blogs. I like that.

A plus for the list and description of folks blogs. It isn't always as useful as I'd like, but that's because folks don't say what they're doing. They kind of use it as another blog entry.

A plus for the price.

A plus for being able to just write what I want to say.

A plus for different “themes” even though my webbrowser turns some of them into big black spaces, with no text.

A plus for the rapid response from customer service, although it isn't always helpful.

A minus for the dates disappearing/changing for no known reason.

A minus for no pinging

A minus for no way to organize my blog entries, besides by date. I'd like to be able to put categories in the gutter, so you could just see what I have to say about sex or TV or women's clothing.