oh, joy!

That's sarcasm.

One of the administrators called tonight, fairly late, 9 pm, and said that another administrator, who had not been in on the discussion, thought that I should call each and every one of the students' parents and explain what we talked about in relation to suicide. She did say I could skip her son's call. But that means that on Saturday morning I have to call a bunch of people I don't know and “explain” that we discussed suicide and what we said about it. Ugh.

Oh well. I guess that comes with being a responsible adult. Darn. Can't I be an irresponsible adult? (I guess not, since I tell my kids it's how you act that counts, not how old you are.)

It does make sure I review all the other essays and throw any questionable content out now, so I don't end up making a bunch of other Saturday phone calls.

And this is the first class of the semester.

My goals are to help the kids understand essays and be better writers. I can do this. I've done it before with hundreds of kids. I can do it well. It is, after all, the whole focus of my PhD work.

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