Poetry: Against and For War

Found a great entry at Pinesol's blog about the Brit's poet laureate being so forcefully against war. Four short, not very good, rhyming lines.

Then Pinesol directed me to Tim Blair's blog where he quotes the bunches of people who sent him four and more line poems in scorn or support of Motion's politics.

CAUSA BELLI by Andrew Motion
They read good books, and quote, but never learn
a language other than the scream of rocket-burn.
Our straighter talk is drowned but ironclad:
elections, money, empire, oil and Dad.

I added my own in a comment.

Don't Belli Ache
Elections will fall or fly from money at home.
We have oil. Let them keep their own.
Dad had a war, popular- true.
But when soldiers die it's to protect you.