Preparing: School and bdays

I'm ready for this week, up till Saturday classes start. I'm not ready for those.

I need to get back in gear and get my syllabus finished and typed out.

My husband was thinking about taking time off on Friday and us going out of town, but he forgot I have to work. (I forgot too.) Maybe he could take next Monday off instead.

My sister had a birthday today. She got a new Expedition with a 380 something surround sound DVD player in it. She likes it because it is bigger than her old one. (Two years old.) She also got some Veggie Tale DVD's for my nephew. She got some history and apologetics books from me for her birthday. –Yeah, I know, you are thinking, yuck! But she has this huge library built in her house that is empty, so she wants books. And she didn't read much, so she doesn't know what to buy. She only wants books she would not be embarassed to be seen with in her house. Recently she decided she doesn't know enough about history, so I got her some books. They were mostly pretty basic, but hopefully that will get her started. (She's the one I went to get books for and bought way too many.)

My sweetie's bday is on Tuesday. He says it's no big deal because he's not forty. (Why is everybody always picking on me?) Since he was out of town this week and he loves his car, I took it in and got gas (always necessary), an oil change (He puts it off worse than I do.), four new tires (They're supposed to drive well on water.), and got a detail car cleaning. They cleaned the car for three hours. Fawkes looks beautiful. (Fawkes is his firebird.) I also ordered a replacement mirror which is supposed to be ready to be installed on Tuesday. So, he'll be able to see when he is backing out of the driveway.

The boys bought him a present which we all hope he likes. I won't tell you what it is because he reads this blog.

I got him a small present as well. It's not wrapped yet. I wonder if he knows what it is.

My parents gave him a check. (Money is always helpful at our house.) He had asked me for a new bike, but if he takes the money we would have spent on the bike and the folks' check, he can get an IPod. He hasn't told me which he wants to do yet. Glad I didn't buy him the bike this weekend as I had planned. I would hate to have to take it back.

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  1. Cool.

    I changed some of my options and the stuff went to the right date. Like that.

    Maybe I should try the pay first. I really don't want to bail.

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