Random people.

I was reading kimmy's blog on blog-city. She said random people stop in and write her comments. Or people she knows. Not anyone else. Who else would there be? I know that is a bit of a strange question, but it's really got me thinking.

Non-random people. How are those different from random people? Are they people who deliberately go to her site? I don't go there deliberately yet. There are some that I know I enjoy reading what they write and I go there even if they haven't updated when I'm on. (markitoxon, mommayaya, for example) But there are others who I am thrilled to see when they're up-dated. There's like mountainfarmstead or something. Loved the pictures that showed up one day on there. Today's wasn't quite so refreshing an entry, but hey, we're all entitled. Then there's the ones that make me laugh with their names, but their stuff is killing me. The one who sleeps with her friend's boyfriend. Etc. I don't read the ones where the spelling is atrocious, the cuss words seem to be the only ones they know, or if they only rant. (Once in a while a rant is probably good for your health.)

People she doesn't know would be random people, right?… This is just an intriguing idea.

How can I be a non-random person she doesn't know? I like the possibilities.

So, go by Kimmy's and let her know that another random person has been in to read her thoughts.

Oh, yeah, and if you're going to make a list, I think you should count blessings and not why life sucks. That would be a downer.

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  1. Well today's your lucky day; here's a random (non-random?) person posting a comment. This is punkbuddhist, you left a comment on my blog? I was wondering if you could tell me how to create a title for my blog, I can't seem to find it. Thanks.

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