Keeping in touch

A friend from NC just called me, as I got on line. She said that when they got home from their Christmas tours (They go see both families in other states.), they had a pile of cards waiting for them. One card said, “The angel that was with us has ascended.” and was signed by the husband and son of a family they had been friends with. She hadn't even known her friend was sick and she had died. Then another card, just a few down in the pile, mentioned that the friend was being treated for severe depression. … Anyway, my friend decided that she needed to get in touch with all her old friends. Since we are such a mobile society in the US that is taking her a while. So she called me tonight.

It is hard to keep in touch with people who live far away. But you still love them. Thankfully, most of my friends know that I want to know when they are in trouble and they tell me so I can pray. Of course, it could be because when I'm in trouble I call and say “Pray for this and this and this.”

Another friend called me last week, about the time I was thinking about calling her except that I was out running errands, and left me a message on the phone. I resolve to call her tomorrow. –Hold me accountable here.

I never got my new year's letter out because some of the addresses weren't working. I think I will try and send them individually. Even if they are now late.

So, keep in touch with your old friends. You never know what is going on in their life unless you ask.

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  1. it's good to know you still keep in contact with your old friends. for me, i have virtually nothing to talk to them about.


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