BFL: Day 52

I don't normally weigh on Wednesdays, but I didn't weigh on Saturday. So, I weighed.

According to the scale I have gained fat and lost muscle. Again. I have lost a minimum of three pounds of muscle in the last eight weeks. This is not a good thing.

I am doing everything in BFL as well as I know how. And, believe me, I have had other people look at my stuff to see if I had it wrong. But as far as anyone can tell, I am still on-target with the program. I am just off-target with the weight loss.

I am looking at physique transformationas a possible alternative. I am now in the “analysis” phase, so I have no idea how I will like it when it comes time to actually do it.

Right now it looks like it is NOT a program you stay with all your life. I really wanted something which, in the fat loss stage, was just a little more extreme than in the maintenance phase. BFL was great for me in that regard. I have come to look forward to my weight workouts and my cardio. Even the hard days.

However, there have been several signs that BFL is no longer working. First, not losing fat every week. Then, losing muscle. Also, much more troubling to me but not as obvious, I have been having trouble with my brain-speech connections again.

I call this “losing words.” At one point in the past (a year or so ago) I was unable to tell you a word that I wanted to use about twenty times a day. These words could be simple, like couch, or complex, like teleological. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to the disappearance. Once you said the word, I could recognize it and say it, but I could not find it in my own brain. For a person who loves language, who has several degrees in English, and who teaches it, I can think of little scarier than this.

My sleep apnea has gotten better and I believe that was part of the problem. But it wasn't all of the problem. And whatever was the rest of the problem is cropping up again. Yesterday I lost seven words.

Since, aside from sleeping better, the only thing I was doing differently was BFL, I believe that BFL was helping with my language problems. However, it is not helping any longer. –I am still dreaming, so I know the sleep apnea hasn't gotten worse again.– For me that means I need to do something else.

What the something else is I do not know. But I am more willing to try a “strenuous” option now that it is obvious I am losing words again than when I was just not making any progress with my weight.