Tonight I learned something I didn't know. My husband said he and his friends didn't even talk to a girl who wore any kind of ring at all on her third finger of her left hand because they figured she was taken and didn't want to poach.– When I wore a ring, that is the only finger I ever wore it on. So I thought that was interesting. Did a lot of guys pass me by, because of my ring?– Girls. leave the ring at home, if it won't fit on another finger. Do you want someone picking you up who thinks you're engaged?

Guys, my husband has learned how to tease. You don't pick on your girlfriend like you pick on your guy friends. What you do is make positive jokes. She says she's hot, you say you know she is. She says she doesn't feel good, you touch her skin and say you don't know, you think she feels great. She asks if she looks all right, you say no, you look gorgeous. Let me tell you, this is a much better approach with your lady than the normal goofy guy cut downs. And from personal experience, the better I feel about me, the better I feel about him.