I've been looking up stuff on fire because I am writing a novel where the second half of the book involves a fire cult.

I learned that eucalyptus, sage, and spruce are highly flammable. In CA they're trying to get rid of those plants because of the wildfires.

Came home from lunch with my dad today to find my neighbor’s house had caught fire. They have the same floor plan we do and the windows were busted out of her master bedroom. The interior was a big black hole with firefighters pitching stuff out it.

She works and her son is in school, so no one was home. I hope he goes to an afterschool program and doesn't come home to find his house burnt. At least, not by himself.

We live just down the road from a small rural community. Last Sunday we saw a fire there. They lost one volunteer fireman. He was 30.

Fire is a scary thing.


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