Physique transformation

This is day 5 on Physique Transformation.

Physique transformation is a website/diet/nutritional database which is free for a 5 day trial.

I already did that. It said I was eating exactly what I was supposed to on BFL, 40% protein, 40% carbs, and 20% fat. Since I haven't been losing weight for a while, and then started losing fat, I went looking for something different.

The PT site said that I needed to eat more calories. And I've been doing that. I will tell you it's hard. I've been feeling stuffed all the time. And I'm only eating 1730 calories this week. Next week I go up to 1930. And so on for a total of 7 weeks of “conditioning.”

There's a database so that you can (which you have to) enter every food you eat. It grades you on how well you are doing based on what they thought you needed to be doing. Well, I've been getting As so far. But for tomorrow I wanted something fun to eat. I couldn't afford a egg and cheese croissant from Burger King. Too much fat. But when I took that out, I don't have enough fat. I have a C because I need more fat. Can you believe it?

Well, I couldn't believe it either so I went back to look at it. Turns out I had a C because I forgot to put my multivitamin in.

It's a good way to track what you are eating.

It remains to be seen whether it is a good way to lose weight, at least for me. We won't know that until the 7 weeks of conditioning are over.

The fat burning comes after that. They say you will lose 2 lbs a week. But several people on the support list bely that. I don't want to stay on this forever, or even 19 weeks, if it isn't going to work. But I am trying to give it a fighting chance.

Let's hope it works.