I was on BFL for ten months before it quit working for me. In that time I lost 40+ pounds and 27 inches.

Now I am in a new program. It's a bit more difficult. You have to enter into the computer every food you eat. It doesn't matter if you have something new to eat every day, but you have to include all of it.

I am tired often now and hungry, even though my calories are higher. I am hoping that will get better as I work through this.

It's a rotational diet. For the first seven weeks my calories go up 200 calories a day each week. This week I'm eating 2129 calories a day. Then I got to fatburning, where every day the calories change with a total range of 600 calories. That lasts 12 weeks.

Working out is not necessary. In fact, cardio in the first session is basically forbidden. I can do my weights, which I've been doing consistently. But you aren't supposed to do cardio till the fatburning section. Then you only do it if you didn't lose two pounds a week.

Even though I am upping my calories, I haven't gained weight so far. I like that. I'd like it better if I were building muscle as fast as my husband is on this thing, but then I'd have to be a guy. (They build muscle easier.) And I don't think I'd like that.