Time passes

I came up here to review a manual and then decided to write a quick blog entry. According to the calendar, it's been three days since I blogged. It feels like I just blogged last night.

I think my time has shifted into high speed.

Usually, in the past, I have had plenty of time to do things and have done them far ahead. (When I wasn't so sick I couldn't do them at all, which was true for about two years.)

However, this semester I seem to be running just to stay up with what I want/have to do.

I'm teaching and I have two new preparations, which always adds a bit to your time. But it shouldn't be adding this much. At least, I don't think so.

The two classes are Defense of Christianity, which is for jr high kids and keeps me busy finding enough stuff to talk about on a level that they can process, and Comp and Lit. I'm reading along with the students to make sure that I don't forget what's in the stories/books. Plus, it makes it easier to write out the quizzes if I just finished reading it.

1 thought on “Time passes

  1. Oh how I know that feeling! I used to find excuses to clean out cupboards or scrub the walls in order to avoid sitting down to write when I knew I wasn't “in the mood” to do it. I've learned to force myself to sit and write for at least 30 mintes per day, taking up from where I left off the last time. Even if I write just a paragraph, I still feel better. Most of the time, though, once you force yourself to get started the juices begin to flow!

    Good luck with your book! (What is your story about?) DEBBY


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