The Celts

I am doing some research for a novel. One of the people in the book is a Celt. Based on my research, though, most of the people in Europe have some Celtic background.

Marseilles was a Celtic town. So was London and Lyon. They lived in Portugal, Spain, Austria, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Belgium, Switzerland. Of course they also lived in the British Isles. But in 300 BC, Celts were living in most of Western Europe. That amazes me.

The letter to the Galatians in the Bible? That was written to Celts or people whose ancestors, less than 200 years before, were Celts.
Is that right? No. Galatia is different than Gaul. Gaul is in France.

I find that amazing. Why didn't I know that? I mean, I know the Vandals sacked Rome. Why didn't I know that more than half of Europe was Celtic? And where did all the blond hair go?