Wow! I have seen the topic that generates the most responses. Ucky bugs. Sarahmama.blog-city.com has been talking about dreading the warmer weather because of ROACHES.

So, I've been going there, reading her comments. Other comments. Amazing. Finding people who have got these things in their dishwashers. (Doesn't that make you want to buy paper plates?)

Some people even brought up the ants in Austin. Truly a hazard, believe it or not. It doesn't matter how clean you are, they come in. If you don't leave out food they will chew up your walls and your Christmas decorations.

Someone, can't remember who, asked if they have big bugs up north. You know, I lived in NY and Indiana. I don't remember bugs in either of those two places, but I will never forget water bugs in Houston. UGGH.

Speaking of bugs, why is it that the mosquito eaters hatch about a week before the mosquitos? The last of them are dying out when their dinner shows up. I'd really rather they were around when the bugs come out.

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