Speech is a little ridiculous.

Californians once again amaze me. Did you know it is political speech and not okay to hang a flag? From a government owned and run thing? Only in California.

I was talking to my husband last night about the difference that I see between speech and action. I do not think that action is speech. I know, the judicial system said it was. Writing graffiti, I'd agree that's speech. But hanging a flag, burning a flag, tearing down someone else's flag, how is that free speech?

I think it is sad that in a state in the United States it is considered political speech to fly a flag on the roads. That's a little crazy. Are they going to be seceeding soon? I don't recommend it. Folks might let them go.

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  1. Oh how I know that feeling! I used to find excuses to clean out cupboards or scrub the walls in order to avoid sitting down to write when I knew I wasn't “in the mood” to do it. I've learned to force myself to sit and write for at least 30 mintes per day, taking up from where I left off the last time. Even if I write just a paragraph, I still feel better. Most of the time, though, once you force yourself to get started the juices begin to flow!

    Good luck with your book! (What is your story about?) DEBBY


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