Dieting. Day 2. Mostly.

Okay. I survived day one on the fat burning. It wasn't that hard, once I figured out a low A. I don't have problems with willpower. (Although now I worry about having that problem, since I said it.) But normally I try to figure out what I am going to do and do it. Hell or high water. Which is not always the best approach to take. Sometimes high water means you'll drown if you keep on doing what you are doing.

I'd be interested in hearing from people who have done a low carb diet. This one is a very specific low carb diet, but any low carb would be useful. The last time I did one (five years ago) I was deathly ill in about five days. As soon as I upped my carbs I was fine. I'm hoping this diet, since it is so specific, will avoid that problem.

I am sick of eating the foods on my list, though. I don't really like variety that much. I'd rather have something tried and true than something new. But I've been eating about thirty foods for seven weeks straight. I'm getting a little bored with that. However, I just cannot think of another food to eat instead. How's that for ridiculous?

Also, I hate to say it but I started fat burning discouraged because I gained two inches and two pounds last week. Not a fun way to start. Then I had trouble getting to a decent menu plan that fit the parameters.

Finally, I am already sick of the food. The restrictiveness isn't that big on calories. It's not a huge change. So why does it feel like it is?

My hubbie says it's the low carb. That people get crabby, then they adjust. I don't feel crabby. (Of course, I'm not the one I'd be being crabby to.) I feel disconnected, overwhelmed. Those are more symptoms of depression. Which shouldn't be food related, especially since 1. I am eating fewer carbs and 2. I am actually avoiding the foods I love which I am allergic to.

Oh well.