Eating on day 2, planning day 3

I get to have my popcorn again.

It is about 3:30 and I have two turkey sandwiches and a protein pudding left for today to eat. Apparently I have been very hungry, because the rest of my food feels like it has disappeared without my eating much.

I worked on day 3 menu and managed to come up with a 96%. That's better than day 1, a 90%, and day 2, a 91.5%. It also is a menu that looks more like food I would want to eat. That's good. There are times when I go months without popcorn. However, I've had it almost every day the last seven week and then day 1 and 2 didn't have any and they felt very long. My freshman year college roommate would tell you I am a popcorn fiend.

I also get to go to Taco Bell and have a bean burrito, sans cheese. I'll add fat free shredded when I get it home.

Day 4 I teach at church and I'm supposed to stay for lunch. But I know I can't eat what they are going to have, so I don't think I'll stay. My kids would rather come home and hang out.

Day 5 I teach at the coop but as long as I remember to eat a good breakfast, then I can have a bar during my break and do okay.

Sometimes, when you are working on losing weight, you need to plan ahead. Time Magazine said that people's will power works like a well. You have more willpower when you haven't been using it, or have had a break or sleep since you used it. The article suggested using a food diary to help. If you already know what you are going to eat, you've made the decision ahead of time and it isn't a question of willpower as much as sticking to the schedule.

I don't recommend you plan on eating food you don't like, though. That won't work.

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  1. I also used 2 think what these kinda ppl think when they miss classes .. I also felt there act stupid .. But when life makes a U turn and hit u back , u realise ..!!! cldnt understand?? may be u dont need to .. chill out

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