4 pounds, one week

Physique Transformation is an online database/help/diet plan thing. (That's specific, isn't it?) For 8 bucks a month, they'll give you a plan for eating and grade your eating, so you know whether you are doing well or not.

Because I had been on BFL for a while (10 mths) with fairly low calories (1200-1500), I had to eat more for 7 weeks. They call this the conditioning phase. For everyone it is 4 weeks minimum. Then it depends how much you've eaten after that. During those 7 weeks I lost 4 pounds of fat, gained 8 pounds of muscle, and gained 2 pounds of fat. That means my scale weight went up 6. But my measurements went down. Up until the last week, when I gained 2 pounds.

The next phase is fat burning. You're supposed to lose 2 pounds a week if you are a guy or have a lot of weight to go. You are supposed to lose about 1.5 pounds if you're a woman or don't have a lot of weight to go.

At the end of conditioning, I had 18 pounds of fat to lose and I am a woman. My first week of fatburning I went from 162 to 158.6. It is Tuesday of the second week of fat burning and I am down to 157. Which means that in 9 days I've lost 5 pounds of fat. That's good. Forget that. That's great!

The diet itself takes a lot of work. It's a tweak for everyone. You have to have so many grams of protein/carbs/fat. Each person's varies. It is not easy. At the beginning, it would take me two hours to figure out one days' meals. Yesterday, though, I did 5 days meals in about 30 minutes. That's a plus.

I put my menus on the fridge and just eat from them each day.

I will tell you, though, that it was very difficult last week. Nothing tasted good. I didn't want the food, even though it was fewer calories. I was trying to avoid foods I normally eat that I am allergic to, but I gave that up. So now there is a bit more variety.

Also, I have a problem with losing words and sleep apnea. That was getting worse at the end of BFL, plus I was losing muscle those last two weeks. It had been getting better. But at the end of the 10 months, it took a sharp turn downhill. Those are the reasons I quit BFL.

I don't know if I recommend Physique transformation or not. It is obviously working for me, but it is a lot of work. I guess I recommend it, if you are willing to put in the work. It is not the easiest program and it seems contrary to what you know, but… It works.