20 questions; new/last

Twenty Questions -?Old/New/First/Last

1.? Who is your oldest friend? Larea, known her 24 years

2.? Who is your newest acquaintance? Sheila W

3.? What is your oldest memory? falling down at Jeanette's house, I was about 2

4.? What is your newest gadget? husband's IPod. I don't do gadgets.

5.? What is your oldest item of clothing? a doll dress my mom had made for me for school in 7th grade

6.? What is the newest thing you've bought? books: on Alice in Wonderland, Red Badge of Courage

7.? How old is your oldest relative? living- 90

8.??How old?is the youngest member of your family? 1

9.? What is the first tv programme you can remember? romper room, I was five

10.? What is your first school memory? drawing a picture of my boyfriend in 1st grade kissing me on a stage

11.? Where is the first place you visited out of state/country? Arizona, Mexico

12.? Who was the last person you spoke to? my husband

13.? What is the newest website you've visited? this guy's blog http://20questions.blog-city.com

14.? What is your newest skill? dissembling

15.? Do you have any hobbies you've had all your life? reading, writing poetry

16.? What did you do to celebrate your last birthday? not much, although on Tuesday I am going antique shopping and to lunch with my friends to celebrate– but a month late

18.? Who was your first school teacher? a single lady who got married over Christmas break and didn't like my gift I gave her in the new year because it had her maiden name on it. She taught me to sing 10 Little Indians.

19.? What is the first thing you do every morning? cuddle with my husband

20.? What is the last thing you do at night? cuddle with my husband

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