Pissy emails

Got a short, lambasting email from someone on a group I am in. Well, she used to be on the group. She said we didn't forgive her, couldn't forget her mistakes, and didn't critique her writing. The group was for critiquing writing.

I didn't know she'd done anything to be forgiven for. I didn't know she'd made any mistakes on the list. I didn't see any writing that she sent the group. Although someone said she sent a story idea through. But I don't critique those unless there is a major hole in it.

I sent a polite note back and it bounced, saying she wasn't accepting email from me. So I sent it again, with a different email address. I also said that I thought it was interesting that she would send us a note denouncing us and not let us even reply.

She answered back saying that she was glad I found it interesting. Lots of things in life were interesting. Why didn't I go think about them?

Apparently God isn't interested in me talking about it or reading her stuff now because though I have stuff going back two years in my mail trash, there is nothing from her that resembles a story. But then I can't find the note I sent her or the one that she sent me back.

I think, though I hate it, that if you are going to send pissy emails, you should let the people reply. I hate signing my name to pissy emails, even when the people deserve it. But I do. I also read their answers, even if it drags me down a bit for a while.

Let me say this, unless I tell you I don't forgive you or say you are an idiot, the chances are good that I didn't even know there was something to forgive you for. I am not rude or anything, but if I'm that upset with you, you will know.

It is obvious the woman has some other issues. I'm sorry her life is hard, because it is. But I didn't make it that way and I didn't do anything to deserve that letter. Not even not critiquing writing she never sent me.–But it is bugging the crap out of me anyway. I wanted to enjoy my life and this group and she just stung me and a whole bunch of people who have never done anything rude to her that I could see… I guess maybe there was some private emailing. But then she should have jumped their case and not “ours,” which includes me.

That was a rant.

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  1. This is probably goes against your personality, but let the woman go. If enough people let this woman go, she'll either a)realize the error of her ways and get help, or b)go away. I know it's not the Christian thing to do, not that I'm pinning a religion on anyone, but I find, after being online for over five years, it's darn near impossible to help anyone with severe personality dysfunction over the old online connection. And it sounds like this person has that. Good luck.

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