We need an Operation American Freedom?

This sucks. (Well, that's a pun.) A couple were arrested, and their children taken away from them, for taking pictures of the babies taking a bath, lying in bed with their mother, and breast feeding. (Think I'll burn those baby albums at my house.)

The parents were eventually released, but are having to undergo mandatory counseling because they presented themselves in “too positive a manner.” So said the psychologist. Doesn't anyone remember that psychs only deal with sick people? Not everyone is sick. Some of us are quite wonderful, actually.

The children, however, are still in the care of Child Protective Services. Where is LaLeche in this? Where is the ACLU? Where is anyone? Parents took pictures of their babies and now they've lost them.

I think we have reached a sick level of “big brother” in our society.

What's worse is this is my home state.

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