Atkins: Day 2

I've done Body for Life for most of the last 14 months. I tried Physique Transformation for two of those months. In all that time I have gained a total of 15 pounds of muscle and lost 49 pounds of fat.

That's great. It's much better than I was.

But it's not wonderful. After 14 months, I should have been at my goal weight, wouldn't you think? But I've been riding 160 and a size 10 since Christmas. I'd really like to drop lower.

So yesterday we (my hubby and I) started Atkins. I am tired and sore. He has headaches and is nauseous. I would have expected me to have the more extreme reaction to the carb withdrawal. However, he seems to be worse off. Since he rarely complains about feeling badly, the fact that he is saying it has convinced me he is worse off.

This morning I went for my bike ride, but I didn't go for the long one. I went for the short one, because I had a dr.'s appt this morning. I had to walk my bike for two of the blocks because my legs were protesting so much.

I am fairly sure that the protests are a symptom of the change in diet. Yesterday morning I did my 45 minute ride and then in the evening did a 20 minute ride with the family and felt fine.

I also spent all night waking up to go to the bathroom. Atkins is known for being a diuretic.

I don't think that would have happened, except that once we decided to go on Atkins, I took three free days and ate salt and carbs whenever I wanted.

I'll tell you that was stupid. Sunday night I was so sick I thought I was going to have to lay down on the floor and not move. I was nauseous and it was awful. Monday night I hadn't had quite so much junk, so I was just a bit queasy right before bedtime.

I guess, compared with that, there's not much that is going to feel bad.

I gained five pounds over the weekend. I know it was water weight, but still…

So I am not planning on counting those pounds that I drop. I want to see what Atkins' really does for me. We'll see.