Atkins: End of Induction

The beginning of Atkins is called induction. It lasts two weeks. It can last longer if you want, but that is the plan.

In two weeks I have lost 4.4 pounds. That's good, compared to any other diet I've been on in the last year. But it's bad in several ways.

First, it's bad because the “average woman” loses 6 pounds in these two weeks.

Second, it's bad because I have felt sicker than I have felt in over a year. For the whole two weeks. I did eventually get over the nausea but I 've been dizzy. Even with extra potassium and stuff, my bones and muscles have hurt. I've just felt too weak to do much for the last two weeks.

I never did get the “burst of energy” that is guaranteed will come. I just got more tired.

I don't think it is worth that. Even if I don't ever get slim on another diet or eating plan, I would rather be well and a size 10 than sick and a size anything.

I guess that I will go back to Body for Life. It is simpler.

Good news: I'm sick

It's good news because it means the diet is not all the problem.

How do I know I am sick? Because my youngest son is having the same symptoms I am: weak, dizzy, nauseous.

Atkins: One Week

Today I begin my second week of Atkins. This last week has been some good, some bad. Lots bad. Lots good. Oh well, you judge.

On Friday before I went on Atkins I weighed 159. That had been my weight for a week or two. Then, since I knew I was going on Atkins, I spent the weekend eating junk. I gained 5 pounds. I didn't eat that much, though, so I know it was water weight.

Within two days on Atkins I had lost the water weight and was back at 159. Two days later I was at 156. Then the next day I was at 154.6. The day after 156. So I lost three pounds of actual fat. That's good. It's amazing compared to the other things I have tried. I also lost an inch since the Friday before I started. An inch means it is probably fat and not muscle.

That's the good news.

The bad news is that I have been sick, exhausted, nauseous, weak, dizzy. I think it started on the third day. It goes up and down. Had a horrific headache for about a day. Friday I woke up in a cold sweat, nauseous, weak. Then I was okay, not great, but okay. Then Sunday I was having stomach cramps, dizziness, weak. The question is whether I have been sick (a possibility) or if I am reacting to Atkins or if I am allergic to bacon. (See last blog.)

Also, I am having trouble getting the number of calories I am supposed to eat in. I've gone anywhere from 1100, dangerously low for sustained weight loss, to yesterday's 1720. I need to stay a lot closer to yesterday's numbers.

Then there's the carbs. The first four days I ate less than 10 grams of carbohydrates a day. Since then I have eaten between 10 and 18g. You are supposed to eat no more than 20 grams.

I am going to stick with it for a while longer. I am tired of being between 159 and 161 on weight, even though I wear a size 10 at that. I want to get to a healthier weight.

I am hoping I either have a bug or I will get over this soon.

Is it bacon or is it dangerous?

That's my question for the week. Am I allergic to bacon or is the Atkins diet dangerous for me?

Started Atkins on Tuesday. Thursday I had a massive headache. Friday I woke up nauseous, having hot flashes and sweating. I couldn't eat because I had to take a blood test. I was some better by the time I got to the doctor. But I spent the day on a hilly ride. Felt sick, felt fine. Had a lot of ascent dizziness (when you stand up and get dizzy).

Yesterday was better. I felt ill but not too bad.

Then this morning about 5 I woke up with severe stomach cramps, nauseous, weak. I didn't make it back to bed once after I got to the bathroom. I was just too weak. That kept up off and on until 8:30. Then I went to sleep. Had nightmares over and over again. Finally got up at 11:30. Ate some pot roast. (This is a meat and lettuce thing for the first two weeks.)

I still feel weak. My husband says if I am sick I have to go off Atkins. But I don't think I am sick. I think it is either that my body really doesn't like Atkins or I am allergic to bacon.

I had bacon for the first time in over a year and a half and then I got sick. I had bacon last night and then I got sick. I am wondering if there is a connection.

So I guess I am going to have to avoid bacon and see if I get better or if I stay sick.

Half a Pound of Bacon

That's what I ate for my after dinner snack last night. (Except for three pieces.) I am having trouble getting enough calories in on Atkins, since everything I like to eat is carbs. But I am fairly sure the bacon put me over. Before the bacon I was at 990. That's not enough calories to keep your body out of starvation mode and I don't want to go there.

Last night I had the worst headache of my life. I think. At least it I can't remember having a headache worse. I was trying to put it on a scale of one to ten. Since I gave a ruptured ovary and internal hemorraghing a 6 I figured this headache must be about a 4. I took 3 naproxen, the best painkiller for me. Then I got an ice pack for my head and a heating pad for my jaw. If I put the heading pad on my head I was nauseous. But the icepack never felt cold enough to make any difference to the headache. I did go to sleep and by 10 this morning light no longer hurts my head.

I measured and I don't have much change in inches. Breasts, waist, hips are the same. I lost a quarter inch in my arm and three quarters an inch in my thighs. But I gained half an inch in my calves. It is important to lose inches. Very importat. Because I've lost 6 pounds of scale weight. I don't want to be losing the muscle I worked so hard to get.