Doctors, Info, Dying

I have a friend with a brain tumor. They took part of it out less than a month ago. They couldn't get it all. Now, as of last week, it was the same size it was before. That's not good. The doctor is freaking out. The kind of cancer they identified it as can't grow that fast. (Wow, didn't know cancer had rules.) He wants a neuroradiologist to look at the MRIs.

So do I. But I'd like someone I know to look at them. I figure he'd look faster, sooner. When you know someone, you are more willing to help them. So I'm trying to get my friend to be able to look at them.

I hate that she had surgery and is no better off now than she was. I guess we could say she's still alive and she might not have been otherwise. It still sucks.