Ice Cream Dessert is Really a Meal

At least in terms of calories. Reuter's Health says that a Ben and Jerry's chocolate dipped waffle cone with a regular scoop of chunky monkey ice cream has more calories and saturated fat then an entire pound of baby back ribs. (There are lots of other scary calories listed in the article.)

I'm not such a big fan of ice cream that a “snack” would be worth giving up that much regular food for.

The article also mentions that at least one fat free yogurt actually contained 11 grams of fat. (Not too good for your low fat diet.)

According to the group that did the study 2/3s of Americans are overweight and 1/3 are obese. I wonder what their measurements are. I would have to agree with the 2/3s overweight. Just look around your work or the mall and see.

But the 1/3 obese seems a bit high. Obese is 30% overweight or more. I'm supposed to weigh 130 (by the insurance charts). That means to be obese I would weigh 175. Hmm. Okay, maybe I can see obese at 1/3. I might have been thinking of morbidly obese when I said it seems a bit high. But that is more than a 100 pounds overweight. And I don't know a lot of people that overweight. Unfortunately, two I know are in my own family.

1 thought on “Ice Cream Dessert is Really a Meal

  1. My neighbour couldn't wait to tell me about B&G's chunky monkey…she knows it is my fave.
    Whatever happened to everything in moderation?
    I eat a container about 4 times a year and weigh 118 pounds. Am I worried?


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