Excellence in Writing

I am teaching high school again this year. (What a change from college and homeschooling that is going to be.) Even though the kids are all homeschoolers, it will still be very different.

I have to teach grammar, something I figure most kids know by sixth grade or don't know and never will. I have to use the vocab and lit texts that the administrator picked out. They are actually pretty good, but they aren't what I would have picked.

Then, I have to use the Institute for Excellence in Writing's curriculum for teaching writing. I have a PhD in rhetoric and composition. In other words, I have a PhD in teaching writing. However, I've never used anything like this method and it is very intense and very different.

The kids complain about it. (I know because I subbed twice last year.) It is one of those check lists for adding interest to your work. That's the style part. Then there is the structure part. I am very excited about the structure part so far. Of course, I've only watched four hours of the twelve hour video series. However, assuming it doesn't get worse, I can see great blessings in this program. I hope I will be able to implement it well.

I'll finish blogging about this later. After a trip to Fry's to get a new monitor to make one of our computers work again.