Computer-Literate Challenged Blogging

If I weren't married to a programmer, I never would have blogged. Even married to one, I have a lot of challenges others seem to think are equal to turning on a faucet in complexity. It's a bit of a pain to want to do something and not know how. It's even worse to have to admit to your computer programmer husband that you're not even sure it can be done, but you still want to do it if it can.

I'm not sure how you become a geek. If I could do it without learning C, or one of the derivatives thereof, I might be able to. Do they have a class? I routinely check the Leisure Learning catalog and the community college catalog, but those classes are for learning to use programs. “Microsoft Word” hello? A class that teaches you how to use the menu items. I admit to not being that challenged. I can use all the programs I have. Some not as well as others, but still.