Color of the Day

First it was brown. Then red. Then black. Today I thought I would dye my hair blonde, but my hair, and my hairdresser, disagreed. My hair had to be stripped. You can't just lighten black. Then color had to be added back on. My sister and my hairdresser chose a light brown/dark blonde color which, when put on my hair, turned it a medium to dark brown with reddish highlights. But at least it wasn't orange, like the stripped hair, or pink like my hair the last time I tried to go blonde. (It stayed pink for two months as I avoided dealing with the disaster of a strip stopped in mid-stride in order to attend my sister's wedding.)

The plan is that in a month, when my fragile hair has recovered from being stripped in public, I will go back in and get it highlighted so much that it looks like the highlights were the original color. I'm not quite sure how that will look.

I'd like it to look natural. The black certainly didn't. Not with my pale skin and freckles. But I don't want to go with my natural color. That's a beautiful silver. I'm too young to be silver.