Problem: Trying to Change the Colors on Blog

I went to Themes. There I can click a button which says “pick color.” Unfortunately all it does is take me to a small pop-up which shows the colors and then fades to a blank pop-up called “about blank.” When I clicked “Check if you want to change manually,” I changed the color myself, based on a color I found on the web. It changed it back.

I do not know why this does not work. Does anyone have any ideas?

1 thought on “Problem: Trying to Change the Colors on Blog

  1. hmmm im not quite sure, i actually pick my blog colours from my psp8 programme? are you fully logged in and stuff? cause ive found if my internet is sluggish or im not logged in i have issues when i fiddle with my blog, due to like slwoness of this site kinda!

    Perhaps try expanding the window, sometimes mine comes up white and i expand it and stuff turns up

    hope you can work it out


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