Weight Loss: Exercise

Today I exercised for the second day in a row! It's been three months since I last exercised regularly, both weight lifting and aerobics. Exercise is supposed to help you keep your weight off. It uses up the calories you are taking in and makes muscle. Muscle uses more calories a day than fat does. I'm all for that.

Supposedly just exercising, thirty minutes a day, five days a week, would help a 200 pound man take off 15 pounds in a year. That of course depends on how much fat was in that 200 pounds. And it assumes that he wasn't exercising before.

I set the alarm for 7, but I didn't get up. When I finally went for my bike ride it was 85 degrees and almost 9 o'clock. I thought I would be out on the greenbelt by myself. But I wasn't. I passed 14 grownups and 4 kids in strollers. One guy was out in work clothes looking for a woman with two beagles. I didn't see her.

I rode my “short ride” which used to take me 15 minutes round trip. It took me 25. But I did it. I rode even though it was hot. Even though I fell down. (That was humiliating. I did it in front of three people by trying to stop too fast.)

My weight today was down two pounds. I'm sure that's from dropping the sodas and their high sodium. And my caffeine withdrawal headache is less painful today.

Yesterday I was 165.4. Today I was 163 even. I don't expect to drop that much weight again in a single day, but it's a nice boost at the beginning.

Chest, waist, hip measurements were 40-31.25-40. That's two inches above and below and one and a quarter that I gained since I quit working out and dieting. My arm, thigh, and calf measurements were only a half inch different.