Kung-Log New

I have a premium blog, but I am not a geek. However, I am married to one of the best. Since he likes to improve his skills and tools, he thinks I should as well. I'm willing. So now I am using Kung-Log to write my blog. It supports Blogger API.

I am trying it out tonight. Kung-Log just got our donation to his life. Thanks, Kung-Log.

My husband loves Kung-Log. While I am of the “tried and true” personality, I am occassionally willing to learn new tricks. So, a new trick.

Right now, however, I don't have post enabled because Kung-Log isn't retrieving the blog. I am not sure if this is a product of my notoriously hideous cable connection or possibly an indication that blog-city has been attacked again.

Being a Mac fanatic I find some minor humor in Microsoft's present situation. Where it impinges on my life, it sucks.

HUSBAND UPDATE: Suz went to make sure the kids were in bed and left me with Kung-Log to see if I can get it working. According to the Kung-Log FAQ it has problems with Microsoft's IIS server. We run into the problem that Kung-Log connects to the server and actually gets a response, but then won't go on to the next step. I think it thinks it didn't get a response, or it isn't done getting the response. The work around seems to be chaning “personalities” – which is Kung-Log's name for your saved blogs. So it tries to hit another site. Succeeds. Then when you switch back to blog-city personality it will go get your recent entries find and let you post.

Hey blog-city, add the Metaweblog API. Its a better API. (Suzi has no idea what this means).