Getting Respect

Even though the head says all my students have been raised to be respectful and know what it means to have respectful behavior, I gave my students a nine-point lecture anyway. I covered obvious things, such as being called by my title rather than my first name and not calling other students pejorative terms. I discussed less-obvious things like gossiping in class. I also discussed the grade reprecussions for an extended or group inability to stay on topic.

Class today was much quieter than it normally is. I don't mind them talking, as long as it is on topic. Apparently they realized how little of what they wanted to say was on topic.

I did add the lectures to the schedule for my English 11 class. Some of them weren't taking notes. After I told them to take them. Apparently they had decided that all I was doing was reading the introduction the book gave for information and that they could just read the book later and not listen or take notes. When someone did ask about that, I explained that these lecture notes were not from the book but from outside research I had done. I did mention these will be on the mid-term.

I started off giving all my classes too little homework. I like them to do a lot in class. But I think I haven't given enough homework and I may be expecting them to do too much in class. I may start shifting things from class to home. I don't want them to have too little to do but one student wrote that they “don't have time to breathe.”