How Rich are you?

I think about money a lot. I used to be obsessed with it, but I'm better than that now. However, I found a web news article that I was very interested in. Wired carried an article about a website that will tell you how rich you are.

If you want to skip the history of the website and go straight to the calculations, go here.

I put in my annual income. I thought it was pretty paltry, but it turns out that I make almost $10/hour and am in the top 11% of the world's richest. When I put in our household's combined annual income (for next year, since hubby got a raise), we're in the top .5%. It's amazing how poor other people are and how rich we are.

It's easy to see that on a program and hard to see it when you look at what other people have (always the richer ones) and what you have. I rarely compare myself to my friends who have less money. I usually look at the people who have more. Unless my friends have been out of work and are living on their retirement or their savings. Then I think, “Wow. We'd be on the streets in a few months, and they're still making it two years later!”