Body for Life

Last March I started working out and eating right. I followed Body-for-Life (BFL) for almost a year. But the last four months, I made no visible progress. I was frustrated. So I quit.

I didn't quit cold turkey. I started doing Physique Transformation. Then when that was almost impossible to keep up with, since I need a bit more flexibility in my foods, I went to Atkins. Neither did much for me.

In the last month I have half-heartedly started BFL twice. But today I am doing it for real.

I need the energy and the stamina I had when I was on BFL before. Even the clarity of my thought is lowered when I'm not on it. So I am going back. It's a full-time commitment for health, not weight loss.

I hope to lose the 7 pounds I've gained on Atkins and while goofing off. But other than that, I am not really expecting to change my weight. But to maintain at a lose size 10 is good. It's definitely better than gaining weight.