Health by the numbers

My husband wanted to get his blood pressure taken. So we went to Walmart. I mean, they have a machine in the pharmacy and we needed groceries anyway, so why not?

Since he got his taken, I had to do mine. (Probably just to say that mine was better.) I always have low blood pressure. Mine was 112/72. My pulse was 69, which isn't that great, but isn't terribly high either.

Measured this morning, but those numbers are in the bathroom and since hubby's asleep right now, I think I'll wait to go digging around for those. I may post them tomorrow.

I started lifting again today. Didn't do it the BFL way. I did upper body, but I lifted 25x, 20x, and 15x. The weights I used were 5, 10, and 15 pounds. It seems to take forever to do the six sets BFL wants, but I will probably move back to that in a week or so.

I rode my bike this morning and will do so again tomorrow morning. I can tell I am a bit out of shape; in just these six months off BFL I've gone to 2/3s of my ride in a little less than the same amount of time. I used to ride to the docks and back in 45 minutes. Now I ride to the lake, but not the docks, and it takes me about 40 minutes both ways.