Body for Life: Day 5

Body for Life is a 12 week challenge to see how much of a change you can make in your body in 12 weeks. From past experience, I know I can't make the kind of changes some people did. I've done five challenges and in the last four lost 40 pounds. Some people have lost more than that in one challenge, while gaining muscle.

When I first started, that was very frustrating and disappointing. I was hoping for and planning on those kind of losses. When I didn't get them, I was upset. Now I just want to get into shape and get/stay healthy. So I am not as excited about it, but neither am I as upset as I was about it.

I think so far this week I've lost a pound. At the most. But I've been eating right and I've been taking my vitamins and I've been working out when I could, so I'm satisfied. I'd love to lose the weight, but it's really about health.