Money and Housework

“In fact, the only years that money failed to lead the list of disagreements were 1994 and 1996. In both those years, the top dog was chores.

Once they made more money, some folks seemed to have a problem in redistributing the workload.” So says a study quoted in ABC News.

That reminds me of an article we're reading in my college classes called “The Politics of Housework.” You can read the essay. It is very well written, articulate, amusing, with just a bit of cutting wit. I don't agree with everything she says, but there is a lot in there that I think in general is very true about families today.

The husband argues about having to do chores, says wolves and dogs have one head honcho, and says housework is trivial. The wife says chores should be shared, spiders bite their mates heads off, and housework is not fulfilling, but not trivial. It's definitely written from the wife's point of view. But funny.