Counting blessings

I'm circling round the stuff I've done wrong in my brain so much it's about to go on overload. I can't live like that. So I am going to write down some good stuff in the hopes that this will encourage my brain to go in other circles.

Good things that have happened to me today:

I got to see my husband naked.

I woke up being held by my husband.

My hair is no longer pink. Two more shampoos removed the spray color.

I weighed in at less than 165 for the first time in weeks.

My knee is better. Meaning I can walk on it without pain.

Good things that happened to me yesterday:

My kids were angels at school.

They didn't complain about having their hair sprayed green or gelled.

I ate a bean burrito and had a Dr. Pepper to drink.

My knee let me walk around and stand up without too much problem.

I had sex. (No, not at school.)

We ate dinner as a family together. Tacos, turkey for the omnivores, beans for the vegetarians.

My husband kissed me in the kitchen.

He also pinched my behind.

I talked to him on the phone during my lunch time.

I got to watch some new segments of HGTV shows. (Room by Room and Decorating Cents)

We got our money to agree with us. (Straightened out Quicken.)

I was on time for school.

I came in second for the weirdest hair in school.

I talked to two friends by phone. One I haven't talked to in a year. One in two weeks.

Good things from Tuesday:

Got to teach my college class.

Had all my grading done.

We got out early.

The boys were good while waiting for me.

Got to see the chiropractor/applied kinesiologist for my knee.

Got to see my sister from NC during lunch.

Wished my mom happy birthday personally.

Got to eat out at Chili's and eat something I didn't pay for.

Mom bought bars for M-.

Went shopping as a family. Party City for hair spray and WalMart for groceries.