Fall foliage and NY state of mind

First, I love NY. Lived in Pleasantville, which is up from the city, when I was in high school. I spent the weekends, as many as my dad had to work, in the city and loved it.

'Bad things happen when you leave the city' is Manhattan Mini-Storage's inspired new ad slogan”– This is off Amy's blog. I just had to comment for a few reasons.

One is that I grew up moving around. And my younger years were spent moving around Texas. (A lot of my later years were spent doing that too.) In Texas the idea of staying in one place is a bit unusual. Of course, driving here is pretty standard. Most folks have cars and use them. So not leaving your town seems a bit odd to me. Especially as a cousin of kids who lived in a town where the post office, grocery store, and gas station were in the same two hundred square foot building.

Second, it confused people down here when the NY set were so overwhelmed by 9/11 and didn't know where to go. Because they've never been there or lived there, they had trouble conceiving of a place where people live a few blocks from where they were born, don't know anyone outside of their area, and have no desire to leave. When those people in NY had to deal with leaving their homes because of 9/11 it was horrifying. None of their friends or family could take them in because they were all being evacuated too. And they couldn't drive anywhere because they don't own cars.

Also, I do wonder what bad things happen when you leave the city. Do people take your apartment? I guess they mean when you leave the city permanently. So you should use their storage to keep your stuff and stay in your teeny tiny place. Saw a Sell this House where a 976 sqft apartment sold for $650,000. I could buy a lot of house in Westchester County for that. Certainly more than 976 sqft. But then you wouldn't be “in the city.” I liked being in the city for the weekends, but not being a city girl myself, I just don't see the need for that.

Anyway, Amy also has a link guide for fall foliage. You know, that stuff where the leaves turn scarlet, crimson, gold, bright orange… I miss that. One of these years I want to be back in the Northeast for the fall. Send me any leaf pictures you find.